Fear of Repetition

Hello everybody,

I have a question what is your biggest fear when you write?

Mine is repetition. My mom tells me to stop talking sometimes because,

One I talk a lot


Two sometimes I say the same thing but in ten different ways, and don’t even realize it.

You see I’m very gifted in it. So gifted in fact I can go on a role of repetition.

Here is a list of the warning sign’s of repetition.

  • You think of a better way of saying or writing something after you already wrote or said it

  • You talk about the same thing more than once with the same people

  • You dream about .

  • Whatever it is you can’t stop thinking about it

You know the drill. Okay let’s get down to business the cure for this problem is to take a break. Then go back to what you were working on with fresh eyes.It’s that easy try it!

If your still stuck in tomorrow land. That only means one thing, you need to focus on what ever your stuck on and add something new.

Dor example the manuscript im currently working. There was this part in the atpry where the two main charactore

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