Lot Of Holes

Hi everybody,

If your reading this you might feel a need to comment. Fill free to. 

Now I know I’ve mentioned The novel that I’m working on way too much. 

And I’m sorry but I’m going to mention it again. I’m still working on filling all the holes in my plot!

download (17)

Luckily it’s not a Whole lot. I’m getting closer. 

Hip Hip Hurray 

giphy (3)

I never thought I would get to where I’m at with this story and to be frank I still think it’s cornball but whatever. If I go over it again I might through a mental tantrum.

So by the end of today I am finished and will ask some teens to read it for me and tell me if it’s okay.  

You know that butterfly feeling you get when you are asked to give a presentation in class or your about to go on a zip line. That’s the feeling I have right now. 

It kind of funny, one time my family and I went camping. my moms biggest fear was  of seeing a bear. She even went as far as to ask the park ranger if there was any bears around that season. To make a long story some what shorter the Park ranger said no they never saw bears in the area.

So we spend the night and the next day we decide to go hiking. As we hike my sister Rebecca and two brothers Caleb and Aiden go ahead of us. I’m somewhere in the middle. All of a sudden they run up the hill we were all walking down shouting there’s a bear. They’re all running with their hands in the air.

download (18)

Any hungry predator that would have seen that would think bacon right.

Anyway they all run up the hill to where my parents are still standing. To be honest I didn’t believe them, so I shrugged my shoulders and kept on walking. Looking down to make sure I didn’t lose my step. Then I get to this little man-made creek. “Theres no bear” Wait there’s a brown blob moving. Hold it right there. I didn’t have my glasses on and there were lots of dried out bushes, overgrown grass, weeds reaching high above. I looked closer lo and behold a big brown bear. He was just sitting back he looked at me I looked at him. We both kind of froze waiting for the other to make a move. Finally he turned away and I slowly walked backwards up the hill. 

The reason why this story is funny is that I wasn’t scared. But I’m nervous about having people read this story. Guess in a way it’s because it’s more personal. 

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