Hello everyone, 

Today I wanted to talk about when Ideas become too much. As you might be aware I’m working on a young adult novel. I find the more I work on it though the more things I want to add to it. Because who doesn’t like a good plot twist? 

But that’s where the problem is if I continue to add plot twists on top of a plot twist the story will have too much momentum. 


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The Train Of Ideas will be going full speed ahead. “Slow it down” pulling the lever for the emergency brakes. Metal rubbing on metal a horrible sound. You look out through the window the tracks curve around the base of the Mountain. In desperation you pull the lever down again. You yank with inhuman strength breaking the lever. Glancing through the window again it’s too late. Grateful that you’re the only one on the train you jump off and watch the expressive train crash. Twisted metal, and smoke. It resembles a crushed coca-cola can.

For example my sister Rebecca Is also working on a story and she keeps on getting stuck on this scene because she wants to add as much detail as possible. The only thing is its holding her back from completing her story. 

Another example is me today My mom told me we were going shopping because I was becoming a hermit always typing. She was totally right; I got my vitamin D and a snazzy new pair of covers. 

Don’t be afraid of taking a break remember All work and no play can make _______, you a dull (boy, girl). 

Put your name in the blank.

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