Dreaded Second Draft

Hello everyone,

Don’t take that image to heart. I’m obviously not dying. Not yet anyway. I’m still typing away working on the second draft of my young adult novel. Let me cut off my complaining to let you all know that I’m now on page 29 with 169 more pages to go…

The overwhelming feeling of overwhelmingness has taken over. Okay, okay I admit it I’m a drama queen. And I like adding ‘ness’ to the end of words.

It’s actually not that bad. I set up a goal of rewriting ten pages a day if I keep it up I will be finished with my new and improved draft of awesomeness in about


17 days.

And it might not be that amazing it all depends on what my future readers think. Okay, I’ll stop getting off topic!

Setting up a schedule. I know this is really hard for anyone to do but it works. I put a reminder on my phone that specifically tells me to write 10 pages. Next I open up the pro-writing tool and my manuscript and split the screen in half. After that I sit down and write for hours.

The hour of truth. I really sit and type until I can’t take it. Then I get up and do things like go to the gym, listen to audiobooks, go shopping, look at Pinterest, and finally go back to finishing my goal for the day.

With any habit it has to develop. You can’t wake up one day and be super disciplined. So don’t stress.

Just Keep Going Until Your Finished.


You might know her as, Beck from Beck the Speck.

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