Awesome Cup of Joe

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my procrastination station. I’m now working on the second draft and I needed a break badly. So now I’m writing a blog about the wonders of coffee.

Who ever created such an amazing drink is a genius.

It turns out there is a legend in Ethiopia about a goat herder who one day noticed his goats bouncing off the hills and valley floor’s after eating the red fruit of the coffee shrub. Kaldi the goat herder then tried the fruit for himself and had a similar reaction. There are many factors in the creation of coffee. It wasn’t turned into a morning beverage until the 13th century.

I happen to be a caffeine addict. I can’t go without drinking a cup every day, sometime multiple times a day.  download (14)

My dad makes one Amazing Cup of Joe. Every morning he grinds two different kinds of beans and then he puts them in the coffee brewer. It brew’s for some time, but before the delicious drink pours into the coffee pot, he lets it sit in the brew basket for exactly ten minutes. Then it pours into the pot.

Voila, everyone gets a strong delicious cup of coffee.



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