Writing Highs & Lows

Hello everyone,
If you’re a writer, or an avid reader. I’m sure you probably have highs and lows, when it comes to writing or reading. I can’t give much advice about how to get through this because I’m just starting. What I can say is don’t ever quiet. If people reject your manuscript don’t listen to it, write on and try, try again. And if you’re like me and are having a hard time finishing your first draft, set up a word count goal and write. This is what I did, and it worked. Remember it’s your story so tell it.
One of my favorite quotes is this:

If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.

Beverly Cleary

It’s the truth, I always had an overactive imagination. Too many time my imagination got me in trouble, writing is my outlet. So, instead of daydreaming and telling the person sitting next to me about the plot of a movie. As we watch said movie.
I write.
Okay that enough of a motivational speech for today let’s get back to the Writing Rollercoaster.
Well, that’s me right now I’m on the writing rollercoaster. Yesterday, I finally finished a story that I was working on for years. Quite Literally!!!
I’m so exited that I finally did it, but now I have to go through the long process of the dreaded second draft. It should be easy right? To be honest, I don’t know I’ve never been this far before. So I will definitely let you know how it goes. Right now I’m going to procrastinate & tomorrow I will start on the dreaded second draft.
I also want to thank everyone that viewed and liked my blog yesterday!

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