Hello everyone,

Every day, for the past couple of months we have listened to many audiobooks as well as radio theaters podcast. For example, we listened to the Alex Rider series, Oliver Twist, The Chronicles of Narnia radio theater podcast, and so much more.
Today we were listening to Artemis Fowl Time Paradox. To be honest, I tried to read the book! I couldn’t get into it, so I started listening to the audiobook, and that was another story. It is also due to the narrator having an accent; he makes it easier to visualize the story.
It was the same with the Chronicles of Narnia I’ve never actually read the book. I loved the radio theater podcast though. The story is fascinating. The crazy thing is there weren’t many books like what C. S. Lewis created back then. He was way before his time. That’s a discussion or possible debate for another day.
Both of these series are prime examples of books that I haven’t read and most likely will not read in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stories but for these two series the audiobooks are better.

Here are the links if you want to compare and contrast.

Reading VS. Audiobook

This is the link is to the Artemis Fowl audiobook.


This link is to the first part of The Magicians Nephew from the Chronicles of Narnia series.

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