Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk about the past. Everyone has one, the past is like your shadow it follows you around. You can’t lose it like Peter Pan did, but you can be held back because of it. Your past could be good or it could be bad. At, the end of the day though it doesn’t have to dictate your future. Your past can make you or break you; you can learn from it or  be torn apart because of it. The past is a real thing that we can use as an excuse or a life lesson.

To over come the past you don’t forget what it is rather, you forgive the people and things that hurt you. Sounds easy enough, but it’s often hard to let go. It is possible though. Think of the people in history that lost everything, for example, Horatio Spafford. He lost five children and went through many things. In the year 1873 after the loss of three of his daughters he wrote the hymn It Is Well with My Soul.

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