Hello everyone, I was asked the other day why I write? At first, I thought that was simple enough to answer. But as I began to answer the question, I had to stop. Why do I write?

Going back to the question for this blog Why do I write?

I started writing in elementary school, my first short story was on five pages of lined paper front and back. At the time the story was about a girl and her mom that went to this mysterious island that had a cave underground. In this cave the ceiling was made out of a giant black diamond. I was very proud of my accomplishment until I looked at it the other day. The Horror, my spelling was horrible. Lets just say I didn’t even understand what some words were supposed to be.

Hey, we all start somewhere!

Move on a couple of years to High School. In high school I started working on the chapter book I’m working on now. I have so many versions of it, it’s ridiculous. I also started writing for the school’s newspaper. I learned early on that the school wouldn’t allow me to write certain things because they said it was controversial as well as it had to be factual. So I started writing in that newspaper and I made it my personal goal to write about the many viewpoints of things (holidays, 2012 end of the world, leadership, etc). This taught me to get a message out without using personal opinions or beliefs.

Well for many reasons, but it all boils down to wanting to share a story that will encourage others, I write to express myself, the enjoyment of writing, to share a message that I couldn’t say aloud, to get the story out of my imagination and onto a paper, to give people an escape route when they need a break, for people to enjoy a silly story, to make fun of my siblings, to create young readers, and strong thinkers.

Why do you write?


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