Story Behind One of My Favorite Books


Guess How Much I Love You, has been one of my favorite books since I was five. My grandma first bought me the book, and I learned how to read it with my mom. Eventually it became too warn, my mom had to buy me a new one.

This story is a heart worming story for anybody that likes the quote,

I love you to the Moon and back.              

The author Sam McBratney was sitting in his office when the editor came in and challenged him to write a children’s book.

He took up the editor’s challenge and created the story Guess How Much I Love You, published in the year of 1994.

It was a major success 400 words that sold 100,000 copies in that year.

If you have a little guy or girl and want to introduce them to a timeless story about a parents love read them this book.

It’s truly a beautiful, heartwarming tale.


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