The Creation of Beck the Speck

Hello everyone,

I want to share with you why I created this story.

In order to do that I need to take you back to the warm living room in the Brown’s home. We had just finished watching the movie My Fair Lady. My parents, two younger brothers (Caleb & Aiden), and younger sister Rebecca were just lounging about when…

My younger sister Rebecca begins to act crazy as usual.

Rebecca is a petite, brown-haired girl, with a loud voice. Anyway, she tries to tell me what to do. Did I mention she’s my younger sister? You all know how well that went. And if that wasn’t enough she then said that she was right, and I was wrong.

Flabbergasted I told her it was the opposite way around. Unfortunately for her, she wouldn’t let it go. So I did what any older sister would do. I created a rhyme about her.

Earlier my mom had changed the song from My Fair Lady. You know the one where she has marbles in her mouth and has to say, ”The rain in Spain stay’s mainly in the plane” to “The Wane play’s in the rain on the plane’s in Spain.” Disclaimer this might not be exactly what my mom said!

Being the older sister that I am I changed it to, Vainy Jane is a pain who drives me insane as she plays in the rain.

(Jane is Rebecca’s middle name.)

This version was a little to mean though, so I thought about shortening Rebecca. Beck the Speck or Specka for short. When I first read the story aloud she cried. But my mother and grandma loved it. They told me to try to get it published. I said, “no way it was just a silly story!”

Finally, last year I tried to get it published. I figured the worst thing that can happen is the publishing house telling me no and crushing my hopes and dreams! Just Kidding, maybe!

Fortunately for me Covenant Books accepted Beck the Speck and published it for me.

By the way, you know how earlier I said this story made my sister cry, there’s a silver lining.

Rebecca eventually got used to it, she even went with me to read aloud’s in elementary schools.

So there you have it folks. The story behind Beck the Speck.

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