Magical Butterfly Net

Hello everybody today we’re going to learn about butterfly nets!

First things First

You will need…..

  • Wood Dowels
  • Netting
  • Colorful Pipe Cleaners
  • Drill & Small Drill Bit
  • Paint
  • Scissors                                                                                                                                           If you’re having trouble finding some of these items try Wal-Mart, the Dollar Tree, Michael’s, Joann’s and Hobby Lobby.


Now that you have everything you need we can get started.

The first step is best to prepare at home.

Grab your drill and wood dowels then drill small holes in each dowel.

The second step is also best to prepare at home.

Cut your netting into squares or circles.

Now you’re ready to put it all together!

If you want your dowel to be painted, I personally would recommend painting it first and then doing the next steps. Because if you’re anything like my sibling they have to use it as soon as they’re finished.

Go ahead and grab your pipe cleaner and netting and weave it in and out along the edges like the 3-5 images above.

Next spread your netting out, by pulling it from one side until it looks like picture’s 6-7.

Then place the ends of the pipe cleaner through the hole in the dowel and twist it around like picture’s 8-11.

Congratulations you have in your hands a Magical Net!

If you want to make it extra special, you can use glow in the dark paint instead of regular paint.

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